Lounas ja Leipä

Lunch in Finland (Lunch and Bread)

During the summer of 2009 - with the help of family and friends I started my lunch and bread restaurant in the center of Kangasniemi. Besides lunches, I serve coffee with typical home baked Finnish buns, pastries and a variety of breads. The Finnish pulla, is a sweet bun flavored with cardamom - great with a cup of espresso or cappuccino - all home-baked.

Also visit our lunch gallery with continuous exhibitions of local artists.


It is my aim to provide a casual, warm environment, delicious food and excellent service at a reasonable cost. It is my goal to have every lunch be a celebration of food - every coffee table a typical Finnish one. The first period I am not planning to serve dinners, but to specialize in lunches and coffee with various delicious typical Finnish things, which are served with it, and everything from breakfast to the late afternoon.

I am open from Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4PM
and, during the summer period, on Saturday from 8AM to 2PM

Lunch is served from 10 in the morning.

And - by the way, I speak Finnish, German and French - in case we need to communicate; I won't bother you at your table, although we Finns love to talk.

- Aili -
Joutsantie 11, Kangasniemi, Finland
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Coffee, lunch and home baked cakes, buns and pastries. LOUNAS JA LEIPA
In the early 19th century, coffee had established itself as the favorite drink of the Finnish upper-class, despite bans. From there, it slowly spread to the common people. Together with the coffee, people enjoyed rusks, pulla, twist buns and biscuits, but many sorts of sweet pastries were also baked at home.

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